The Authors of Faith


What We Do

The Authors of Faith Ministry is designed to gather the writers of Faith Miracle Temple together to assist each other with networking, manuscript preparation and marketing of Christian material.

The Authors of Faith is a ministry; therefore, we will be fasting and praying together. Authors of Faith is not a book club, a publishing company (yet), nor a writing contest group.


Our Mission

To be the ear for the writers who have no one to share their work with.

To be the hand for the writers to shake, encouraging them to be steadfast, unmovable and always abounding in the work of the Lord.

To be the out stretched arms congratulating the writers as they perfect their gift.

To be the legs for the writers; going out gathering information to enhance their writing techniques, styles, skills and knowledge.

To be the mouthpiece for the writers, spreading their good works and deeds by word of mouth, e-mail, hand bills, etc., increasing book sales.

To be present at book release parties, celebrating with each author their new work.



"The Ready Writers"  Willing and Waiting to Write for Jesus

As with Ezekiel, he carried an inkhorn by his side, Ezekiel 9. An inkhorn is the horn of a cow or ram that holds liquid ink in it for the dipping of the pen. Today, inkhorns are made of metal or glass.

We, The Ready Writers, will be as Ezekiel, willing and waiting to write for Jesus; keeping our inkhorns (our pens) by our side.

Our tongue is the pen of a ready writer, Psalm 45. When we speak, it shall be what thus saith the Lord. Therefore, we will write what thus saith the Lord. When this happens, our books will never go out of style but will continuously direct, convict, impact, witness, uplift, make wise, teach and minister with power.


Who can attend?

We host workshops for aspiring writers, published authors, and authors with completed manuscripts.  We offer information to writers who have no writing experience but have God inspired stories that must be shared.


Become an Author of Faith

Each month we will meet to share testimonies, scriptures, ideas, suggestions, warnings, websites, articles and more. We will share upcoming literature events, conferences, conventions, book fairs and other functions.