volunteer opportunities


Faith Miracle Temple offers a variety of ministries and volunteer opportunities that cater to the many different interests. 


Why be a Volunteer?

There are many reasons to become a volunteer: the desire to help, to use one's knowledge for something good, to live a new experience, to overcome challenges, to acquire abilities, to establish social relationships, to get practice or contribute to the common good. But once you begin, the joy of volunteering and the interaction with those you are helping will be more than sufficient reason to keep you coming back.


What's happening around you?

You know that all around you are people who need your assistance and compassion. The news media bombards us with sad images from far away places, but unfortunately the reality is not so far away: people who are socially excluded, the poor, the sick, immigrants, children, elderly, many people who need your help, your time to volunteer.


What is your situation?

You should know yourself well, and while you may be able to help in many areas, you may find that your prior training, your character, or your interests will mean that you will be of greatest aid in one or another area in particular.

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